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Angry Birds Seasons Abra-Ca-Bacon update promises portals

Angry Birds Seasons received a free "Abra-Ca-Bacon" update today on iOS and Android that adds portals to the seasonal installment of Rovio's bird-flinging franchise.

Check out the video above for a pitchfork portal prank and a look at how the teleportation devices have been incorporated into Angry Birds Seasons. The free update for the $0.99 app, its 36 levels and the new exploding AllakaBAM item are available now in the iOS App Store and on Google Play. Windows PC and Mac versions will "follow in the coming weeks," according to a post on Rovio's official website.

The update is Rovio Stockholm's first release. Last year, the company announced that Just Cause 2 and Battlefield Heroes developer Oskar Burman would head the Swedish studio.