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Skullgirls final DLC character is Macho Man Randy Savage-inspired Beowulf

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Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls fifth DLC fighter is Beowulf, as voted by backers of the game's IndieGoGo campaign.

Beowulf's playstyle execution is classic pro wrestling. He will have a folding chair that he can use to slam opponents into and use as a platform to do slams off. He can also use it like "Captain America's shield," where he can throw it, but it has to be retrieved to be used again.

"In addition to standard pro-wrestling moves like dropkicks and powerbombs, souvenirs from past victories may aid him in battle - after all, it's only illegal if there's a referee," his description reads.

His gameplay style inspiration draws from seven real-life wrestlers and video game characters, such as WWE's Macho Man Randy Savage, Street Fighter4's El Fuerte and Captain America from the Versus series.

Lab Zero Games recently released Skullgirls character color packs, adding four new color palettes to the game's character costumes. Color packs are available separately for $1 each or as an 8-pack bundle for $5.

Click through to experience the work in progress rendition of the game's River King Casino stage music, composed and performed by Michiru Yamane (Castlevania series, Suikoden 3 and 4, The Sword of Etheria).

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