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Runescape 3 dev diary embraces the game's audio, orchestral music and the technology behind it

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In the latest Runescape 3 developer diary from Jagex Games Studio, head of audio Mod Lord explains the creation of the game's score, sound effects, voice acting and the technology to support it.

"For the first time we are installing servers dedicated to Runescapes sound," said Mod Lord, Runescape 3's head of audio. "That means full CD quality music and sound streamed directly through to through your browser, with no performance impact on the game as we are no loner using midi."

The music of band Mo's Gold Teeth will also feature in the game. As member Robin Jones explains in the video, the band was contacted after a gig they played at a local pub.

New Runescape 3 music can be listened to on the game's Soundcloud page. Jagex Games Studio will release the free-to-play massively multiplayer online strategy game on mobile devices this fall, and is expected to launch this summer for Windows PC as a single update.

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