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Final Fantasy 8 HD coming to PC in Japan

A high-definition version of Square Enix role-playing game Final Fantasy 8 is coming to Japan for PC, Famitsu reports.

The title, launched initially for PlayStation in 1999 and Windows in 2000, has been given a graphical overhaul, smoothing out the polygons on protagonist Squall's scowl and providing a more crisp visual experience.

There is currently no set release date, and there is no information on what if any additional or new content will be included.

Famitsu also reports the International version of Final Fantasy 7 is being spruced up for PC. The game will have language options in Japanese, English, French, Spanish and German, and will also include bonus content featured in the North American and PAL versions — called Final Fantasy 7 International in Japan. This includes more difficult boss battles and tweaks to the storyline, most notably extra flashback sequences filling in small story gaps.

Polygon has reached out to Square Enix to ask if these games will be coming to North America, and will share more information as we have it.

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