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Capcom adds the catlike grace of Arrested Development's Tobias Fünke to its games

A video out from Capcom-Unity shows what some of Capcom's classic games would look like if they starred Arrested Development's awkward psych doctor and aspiring actor Tobias Fünke.

Earlier this week, the Arrested Development team released a sizzle reel ostensibly created by Fünke himself as part of the lead-up to the May 26 revival of the cult classic sitcom. In the reel, Fünke (played by actor David Cross) challenges people to "Insert [him] anywhere" in movies and videos. "Because we're all massive fans of Arrested Development here," writes Capcom-Unity, "when Tobias Fünke demanded folks to 'Insert Me Anywhere,' Capcom-Unity accepted the challenge!"

The resulting video pits Fünke against Street Fighter's Ryu, sets him as the creator of Resident Evil villain Nemesis and uses him to replace Mega Man's old enemy Dr. Wily.

Arrested Development originally ran from 2003 to 2006.

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