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Nintendo's Animal Crossing roundtable talks player-to-player connections and dream realities

The latest installment of Nintendo's "Inside the Treehouse" series continues yesterday's chat with the Animal Crossing localization team, discussing player connectivity in the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

For many players, showing off their little towns to friends is at the core of Animal Crossing. In New Leaf, players who have already exchanged 3DS friend codes will be able to easily become Animal Crossing friends; Nintendo isn't using additional software-specific codes. New Leaf features more content for players connecting over wi-fi — previous installments had often ended up with players creating their own minigames.

The members of the roundtable also discuss the SpotPass system, which Nintendo has developed for North America and Europe to augment the existing StreetPass functionality. Whereas StreetPass works well in the commuter culture of densely-populated Japan, people live in more remote areas in North America and Europe and may not get as many StreetPass opportunities with other Nintendo 3DS owners. To remedy this, Nintendo will be broadcasting selected other players' residences to all Animal Crossing players, allowing them to check out the new homes and buy any furniture that catches their eyes through a catalog.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf hits 3DS on June 9.

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