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Infinite Crisis video introduces the beefy steampunk butcher Gaslight Joker

A new champion spotlight for Turbine's DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis focuses on an alternate-universe steampunk version of Batman's greatest nemesis.

Once just a serial killer who lured victims beneath his slaughterhouse to feed them to his rats, the Laughing Butcher was chased by Batman and fell into a vat of chemicals, transforming him into the Joker. Gaslight Joker is a bulky melee fighter whose abilities are used at the cost of his own health. His passive ability mitigates this, healing him whenever he picks up credits from a fallen enemy.

Gaslight Joker can strike with his diseased cleaver to do additional damage based on his maximum health, encouraging him to build defensive items. By throwing a rotten ham, he can make enemies flee towards or away from him, and can put a shield on himself to negate the effects of an enemy ability. His ultimate summons a swarm of rats that damage and slow nearby enemies, doing more damage to foes who have been recently hit by his ham attack.

Infinite Crisis is expected to release for Windows PC later this year.