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Report: Xbox 360 dashboard update will tweak UI, pave way for next-gen features

An Xbox 360 dashboard update slated to enter beta in late June or early July may pave the way for features in Microsoft's next-gen console, The Verge reports.

According to The Verge's sources, the update will bring user interface tweaks like smaller Live Tiles and light and dark dashboard themes. The update would also begin the company's transition away from Microsoft Points in favor of currency and gift card systems. Depending on the results of the beta, the dashboard update could go live for all users in August to aid in the transition to the next-gen Xbox.

According to Polygon's sources, the new console will tweak Achievements, rethink DRM and incorporate social features like streaming video. Microsoft will reveal the next-generation Xbox at an event next Tuesday, May 21, and Polygon will be there to bring you all the news.

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