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N version 2.0 released by Metanet Software, adds local multiplayer, level sharing

Metanet Software released version 2.0 of N, its challenging and highly addictive ninja platforming game, for free through its official website, adding a host of new features, including local co-op multiplayer and built-in level sharing.

The game is playable on Kongregate and is also available as a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The latest version of the Flash-based platformer adds new levels, including selected highlights from the Xbox Live Arcade, PSP and Nintendo DS versions of N+. Users can also create their own levels with Ned, N's built-in editor, which has graduated from its beta. N version 2.0 lets players share, rate and play custom levels from within the game itself. Players can also share the URL to custom levels through social media services like Twitter and Facebook.

A newly released trailer highlights what's new in the latest version of the 8-year-old game.

Metanet announced earlier this year that it was working on N++, an "aspirational re-interpretation of the game" that will feature new levels, new graphics, new sound and new game modes. N++ is bound for an unannounced platform.

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