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Mega Man 5 launches for Nintendo 3DS, soundtrack available to download now

Mega Man 5 is available now for Nintendo 3DS and the game's soundtrack can be purchased through the Capcom Store, according to a post on Capcom-Unity.

The game is available through the 3DS eShop for $4.99. Mega Man 5 was originally released in 1992 and pins Mega Man against bosses such as Crystal Man, Stone Man, Gravity Man and Wave Man.

The game's soundtrack, priced at $8.95, features 57 tracks featuring boss themes, stage music and more. The soundtrack can be purchased through Capcom's store.

Capcom continues to steadily release the soundtracks for the Mega Man series in an effort to make them "legitimately available in the West." The last soundtrack, Mega Man 4, was released in late April.

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