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Ouya booth will be located outside E3 2013 convention center, open to the public

The Ouya booth at E3 will be stationed outside the convention center and open to the general public, not just pass holders, head of developer relations Kelle Santiago announced via press release.

Ouya will be playable from Tuesday, June 11 to Thursday, June 13, directly across from the convention center's South Hall. The booth will "provide everything [developers] need to put on a killer game demo," including the system and a TV. The location will be "100 percent open to the public, no credentials required."

The Ouya was recently delayed from its retail launch of June 4 to June 25. Don't miss our interview with Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman about the console's acquisition of an additional $15 million in funding and more. You can also check out our hands-on preview impressions here.

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