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Among the Sleep Kickstarter ends nearly $50k over goal

Among the Sleep, Krillbite Studio's first-person horror adventure game, ended its Kickstarter campaign at $248,358, surpassing its $200,000 goal.

In Among the Sleep, players see the world from the perspective of a two-year-old child. Exactly 8,110 backers contributed to the campaign, which began on April 18. Among the Sleep reached its funding goal on May 16, two days before its end on May 18.

The campaign achieved three of its proposed stretch goals: ice cream for the team, Oculus Rift support and an additional commentary track featuring anecdotes from the developers. The campaign just fell short of its $250,000 goal, which would have added free downloadable content developed in collaboration with backers.

Krillbite released a free playable alpha last week that allowed users to try the game in its current form. Among the Sleep is expected to launch during Q4 of this year for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Don't miss our interview with one of the game's creators.

Update: Krillbite Studios announced that they will release the DLC pack after all because they "came so close" to achieving it.

"We were so inspired by all your input and feedback during the last month, that we'd love to spend some time after release, and develop a secret DLC in collaboration with our wonderful backers," the post reads. "This will be a separate story or part of the game, that will be released for free once it's done. All of you who will receive access to the backer-forums are invited to join in a creative month of developing the DLC."

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