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Defiance Hellbugs invade Rift in new MMO crossover event

Trion Worlds is introducing a new MMO crossover event taking place between two of the studio's massively multiplayer offerings, Rift and the newly released sci-fi game Defiance.

The cross-promotional event brings a new Defiance-related rift type to Trion Worlds' older MMO. "Invasive Species" fire rifts now have a chance to appear in all zones across the Rift MMO, giving Rift players the chance the receive Defiance-based rewards once they close the portal. Players will be tasked with taking out Hellbugs from the Defiance universe, and in return have a chance to acquire one of three different types of Hellbug mounts and companions.

It's not yet known how long the event will continue for; however, the event will be open to all players including those accessing the free Lite version of the game.