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Starcoons title changed due to accidentally racist language

Nnnnice Games, the Netherlands-based studio behind the unfortunately named browser game Starcoons, announced today official plans to change the name of the racoons-in-space project following controversy over the accidental use of a racial slur in the game's title.

Starcoons will now be known as Curio's Starquest, the studio revealed in an official statement. According to the developer, the team was not aware of the cultural issues associated with the game's original title.

"The reason for this change of the title is that we acknowledge the fact that our former title might raise some eyebrows about the use of the word 'coon' of which we missed the controversial meaning due to cultural differences," reads a statement. "We hope that with this new title, the game will still get the support it deserves, as Curio would be most happy to bring joy in the lives of gamers all over the world."

A new website for the game will be unveiled soon, under the title Curio's Starquest.

Nnnice Games is made up of students from Utrecht School of Arts and Technology in the Netherlands. The student-run studio is supervised by industry professionals from Vlambeer and Ostrich Banditos. Curio's Starquest has no official release date as of yet.

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