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South Korean politicians propose bill to regulate video games in similar way to drugs, alcohol

South Korean politician Shin Eui-jin announced a bill this week stating alcohol, gambling, drugs and online video games need strict regulation due to their addictive nature, reports INews 24.

Fourteen other South Korean political representatives support Shin Eui-jin's legislation, which would give the government authority to apply the same legal restrictions to online games as alcohol and drugs. Korean video game news site Gamemeca reports the bill would give the government the right to regulate development, release and marketing for video games.

"The governing body shall have the right to regulate manufacturing, distribution and sale of addictive substances and can also limit promotion of them as well," the bill states, according to Gamemeca.

According to INews24, the Korean video game industry is arguing that the bill will hinder the industry's growth.

"It is regretful that the government views games in the same category as drugs and gambling," a spokesperson involved in the gaming industry told the South Korean outlet. "The previous administration viewed games negatively, and it's the same with the current administration. They are talking about a creative economy and yet are constantly trying to regulate one of leading industry for content business."

The proposed bill is sill awaiting vote by South Korea's legislative body, the National Assembly.

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