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Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles launching free for iOS May 4

Free-to-play Lego Star Wars spin off Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles will launch on iOS May 4, The Lego Group announced today.

The game will also be playable on Lego's official website, and is slated to launch for Android this summer. The Yoda Chronicles integrates the Lego ID system, so players can access their saves between the mobile and browser versions and gain access to bonus content exclusive to each platform.

Players can align themselves with either the Light Side or Dark Side and take part in real-time lightsaber duels and explore labyrinthine dunegons. Like in console Lego titles, players will collect studs to build soldiers, tanks, walkers and ships. Special codes hidden through each level will also grant players access to special bonus content and units.

The Yoda Chronicles features 15 levels and five bonus side missions. Eight main and three side missions will be available with the game when it launches on May 4, while the remaining levels will be released later this summer. Both content drops will include 20 achievements, while the bonus missions will include a quick-play mode in which players must defeat as many enemies as possible. Leveling up in bonus missions will also boost players' stats in the main game.

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