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Disney Infinity dev diary explores relationship between creativity and play in the Toy Box

Disney has released a new behind-the-scenes video discussing the genesis and development of the free-form Toy Box in Disney Infinity.

The origins of the build-your-own-game Toy Box came from developing a potential tie-in game to Pixar's Toy Story 3, say developers at Avalanche Software. Rather than just making a game that followed the events of the story, they focused on the possibility of playing with the Toy Story characters as one would actual toys. Different characters had different abilities, and the developers found that children playtesting the game would learn how to use the abilities together in emergent, evolving gameplay.

The concept grew bigger from there, incorporating characters from across Disney's many franchises, until it became the Toy Box in Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity releases this August for most major platforms.

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