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Remember Me trailer is all about how to use and abuse the memories of others

A new video from Capcom shows how players will be able to use protagonist Nilin's memory-altering powers in the upcoming Remember Me.

In the year 2084, memories are freely shared thanks to a technology called Sensen, controlled by the monolithic Memorize corporation, and Nilin has the power to view the memories of her foes. These memories can help the player solve puzzles: The trailer shows Nilin reading guards' memories to enter key combinations or find her way through a minefield.

Nilin can also go into peoples' memories and look for glitches that she can change and exploit. In one man's memory, his lover leaves him and he angrily throws a bottle of liquor at her as she walks out the door. By knocking the liquor bottle off the table in the memory, the man now remembers going for the pistol sitting beside it and accidentally shooting her instead. Consumed by grief, he kills himself in the present.

Memories can also be used as weapons by unlocking new combo attacks and powers that Nilin used to know but has forgotten. They can also be used against her, though, as the game's boss fights take place inside the fractured memories and tortured psyches of major foes.

Remember Me hits Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 4.

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