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Unreal Engine's Epic Citadel now explorable in HTML5 browsers

Epic Citadel, an Unreal Engine tech demo first released in 2010 to show the graphics engine running on iOS, was released today for web browsers, according to a press release from Epic Games.

Using standards-based technology like HTML5, WebGL and JavaScript, the demo should work in modern browsers that support the technologies above, though the latest build of Firefox 23 is recommended. The web version comes from a collaboration between Epic and Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, and the port was completed in four days. The companies announced a partnership in late March to port Unreal Engine 3 to the web.

Epic Citadel is also available on iOS and Android and has been demoed on Windows RT. You can check out a video of Epic Citadel on the web above and try it out for yourself here.

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