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The Elder Scrolls Online 'Journey to Coldharbour' trailer reveals God of Schemes' plans to merge worlds

In the latest The Elder Scrolls Online video, lead loremaster Lawrence Schick and lead writer Wynne McLaughlin discuss the threat of Molag Bal, the God of Schemes, and the journey players must make to the Oblivian plane of Coldharbour to reclaim their soul.

"Using daedric machines called Dark Anchors, he plans to merge the world Tamriel with world of Coldharbour in Oblivion, which is the realm he rules," said McLaughlin. "There is an ancient prophecy in The Elder Scrolls that says the soulless one will thwart Molag Bal's plans; and in fact the player is the soulless one."

For more information about The Elder Scrolls Online, read our preview where we talk to online game director Matt Firor, and our PAX East preview where we got hands on with the game's character advancement.

The Elder Scrolls Online went into public beta in late March and the full game is planned for release on Windows PC and Mac in 2013.

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