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DJ Hero dev looking to hire producer for multi-platform game with 'online infrastructure-heavy' videos

FreeStyleGames, the developer behind the DJ Hero games, is looking to hire an IPTV producer for a multiplatform game incorporating "online infrastructure-heavy" video elements, according to a listing on LinkedIn.

According to the listing, the Coventry-based studio is looking for a producer with experience in the development of software applications for IPTV technology, television services delivered over the Internet. The producer also must have relevant experience in the production of multi-platform content. This producer will lead development on FreeStyleGames' title, which will feature "specific emphasis on online infrastructure-heavy video applications."

The listing also notes the producer will work closely with stakeholders to make sure the game is produced within its allotted budget on time. Other listed responsibilities include creating features to "bridge all digital media games platforms," assisting in development for web-based and mobile games and working to optimize titles post-launch for "additional virility, engagement and monetization."

FreeStyleGames' most recent title is Sing Party, a karaoke party game that launched alongside the Wii U last fall.

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