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Sniper Elite V2 tactical shooter coming to Wii U May 21

Rebellion Developments' World War 2 tactical shooter Sniper Elite V2 will be available for Wii U tomorrow at retail in North America, publisher 505 Games announced today.

Sniper Elite V2 sets players in Berlin during the second world war, tasking them with saving or sniping members of Adolf Hitler's V-2 rocket-building program. The title features the "X-Ray Kill Cam" present in other versions of the game, in which players can view the shots they take in slow-motion and view the full, graphic impact of their bullets on their enemies.

The Wii U version allows play completely on the GamePad controller without use of the TV, and grants players access to a handful of new features. Players can use the GamePad to track enemies, set traps, monitor explosives and their subsequent blast radius and manage their weapons and inventory.

Sniper Elite V2 — a remake of 2005 title Sniper Elite released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Wii and Windows — launched in spring 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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