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Hardware: Shipbreakers trailer is a history lesson about a titanic truck

A new trailer for Blackbird Interactive's sci-fi strategy game Hardware: Shipbreakers gives the history of the Baserunner, a mammoth transport vehicle that serves as the backbone of the player's fleet.

Originally manufactured in 2332, the Baserunner was at first a commercial failure, but the advent of the Colony Wars led to a massive increase in demand for such a durable transport, and it saw duty in almost every land battle. After the war, some were repurposed for civilian enterprise, while others were left to rot where they stood.

The discovery of the resource-rich planet LM-27, however, means that would-be scavengers need something like the Baserunner to deal with the rugged desert terrain.

Hardware: Shipbreakers will be a free-to-play title, though platforms and release date have not yet been announced. A full reveal is expected in June.

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