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Artist re-skins Super Mario Land with new graphics

Super Mario Land gets a new skin

Artist Arne Niklas Jansson, who has worked on games like Cortex Command and reconceptualizes video game art on his website, Android Arts, has re-skinned [Game Boy launch title] Super Mario Land by redoing the graphics for the entire game.

Posting to his website, Jansson wrote that he played Super Mario Land for research purposes while working on another project, after which he felt an urge to do something with the sprites in Photoshop.

"I realized I could actually put the sprites in the game since the bitplane tiles are pretty easy to read and write," he said. "Then I decided to redo the graphics for the entire game, so I spent a few days doing that."

Jansson details on his website how he changed the game's color scheme, redesigned the characters and sprites, the tools he used and how players can download his patch so that an emulated version of the game can be played with his graphic changes applied.

More information about the re-skinning of Super Mario Land can be read here.

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