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Cloud Imperium flaunts Star Citizen's Hangar Module standalone app

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium have released the first look at the Hangar Module, a standalone app that will allow players to customize and interact their spaceships in-engine ahead of the game's release.

Australian actress Sandi Gardiner and artist Forrest Stephen walk backers through the app in the video below, which showcases an entry level hanger that is only half completed. Those who pledged more or bought better ships will get a better hanger.

"You are going to be able to access you ship, you are going to be able to interact with your ship," Stephen said. "You are going to be able to see all of your modular components that can be customized."

Star Citizen is expected to be released in November 2014 and the Hangar Module is slated to launch later this summer.

The space sim's Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded last November, surpassing its $500,000 goal with a total of $2.1 million in pledges. To date, it has drawn in $7.5 million in funds through an independent funding drive on the official Roberts Space Industries website.

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