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Skype on Xbox One will allow group video calls

Microsoft's Xbox One will use Skype for group video calls and can be controlled used voice commands, the company announced at the console's unveiling event today.

Skype will be available in widescreen HD, and users will be able to do group video calls on their TV. Users can use the new "Snap" mode in Skype as well and use the Kinect's voice commands to operate it. Users will also be able to multitask when using Skype, and can call make calls through the service while playing a game. Skype can pop up in any application at any time, and will make use of the Kinect's 1080p video for video calls.

"Only on Xbox One will you be able to do group video calls on your TV," said Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi.

Microsoft's Don Mattrik told Polygon that Skype's role with Xbox One is "gonna be friggen amazing."

Skype, launched in 2003, allows users to instant message and make free voice and video calls over the Internet. Paid calls can also be made to traditional phone and mobile networks. The service is currently available for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices.

In January, Microsoft announced it was retiring its Windows Messenger service and replacing it with Skype. The company transitioned all Messenger users to the new service in April.