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Xbox One's SmartGlass functionality detailed

Following the unveiling of its new console today, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One will include SmartGlass functionality.

Microsoft's Marc Whitten included SmartGlass in a list of features built in to Xbox One. He implied that the service will be more widely used and work better because the new hardware has been built from the ground up to take advantage of it.

SmartGlass will also allow players to navigate live TV with simple gestures, or switch between multitasking apps using Xbox One's improved user interface.

SmartGlass was first revealed for the Xbox 360 during E3 2012. The SmartGlass service uses computers, mobile devices and tablets to provide users with extra points of interaction with games, TV shows and sporting events that they're watching on television. Examples given at E3 2012 included allowing users to pick up a movie on TV where they'd left off on a tablet device, providing information on a film's cast or characters and even offering maps and other interactive features tied in to the programming.

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