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Xbox One offers live television feed, guides

The Xbox One won't just be for video games; the device is also set to have functionality tied to television broadcasts, it was announced during the console's reveal event in Redmond today.

During the reveal event, Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi asked, "What if a single device could provide all your entertainment, what if it could turn on your TV and talk to all the devices in your living room?"

Then he showed off the ability to say, "Xbox, watch TV" and have the Xbox feed switch directly to live television feed. Mehdi was able to swap back and forth between games, television, music and Internet explorer with a simple phrase. He also showed off the ability to change using hand motions.

Mehdi also revealed the Xbox One Guide, which provides full local TV listings. He was able to swap between programs by saying the name of the channel or show.

Mehdi showed off the a live television feed from Comcast. It was implied but unclear if the Xbox One will work with other cable providers.

Polygon sister site The Verge originally reported on Microsoft's work on a low-cost Xbox 360 alternative dubbed "Xbox TV" late last year. The system would reportedly allow for playing casual games on top of downloading and streaming video content. Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft was unsure about plans to release the Xbox TV, but it seems like much of its functionality exists within the new Xbox.

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