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Microsoft explains the interconnected Achievements of the Xbox One (update)

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Microsoft outlined the evolution of its new "dynamic and changing" achievement system today during a press conference where the company revealed the next-generation Xbox One console.

Though details were scarce, representatives said that the Xbox One's achievements will follow players and sync through the cloud, as referred to several times during the press conference.

Prior to today's reveal, sources told Polygon that developers and publishers would be able to add achievements without DLC, in part to influence player behavior. The new achievements could also be tied to specific occurrences, like timed community events and challenges. Our sources also indicated that Microsoft was creating cross-platform achievements that would reward players for using an app, website or another game.

Update: Microsoft's new site for the Xbox One confirms that Achievements will stretch across games, and a few other new features of the One's Achievement system were also revealed.

"Xbox One's all new achievements system has richer detail and spans across your games and experiences, which means achievements are no longer confined to a single game," the site reads. "And you can earn achievements in more ways since new ones can be added dynamically at any time. Our new achievements portal not only keeps track of what you earned, but how you earned it, so it's more personal than ever. It even lets you compare your achievements with your friends. Share your legacy and achieve greatness with Xbox One."

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