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Xbox Live on Xbox One will include more than 300,000 servers, powered by cloud technology

The next generation of Xbox Live will include more than 300,000 dedicated servers and be powered by cloud technology, Marc Whitten announced in an event today alongside the unveiling of its next-generation console, Xbox One.

Xbox One Live users will be able to save their games, movies, and more at any time with cloud saves, according to Whitten. Users will also have a dedicated game DVR to capture in-game moments. Improvements also extend to matchmaking and achievements, Whitten said.

"Achievements tell your personal story of how you play, not just what you've done," Whitten said.

Achievements, downloaded and installed games will be synched to the system's cloud, allowing players to access applications without interruptions. Multiplayer matches will be able to support as many as 128 participants, instead of the previous console's limit of 16 or 32. Membership will be "based on the same membership you have today, but more powerful and more intelligent," Whitten said.

Currently Xbox Live is available as both free and paid subscriptions. Subscribers to Xbox Live Gold have access to more content, apps and online multiplayer and matchmaking services.

Xbox Live, Microsoft's digital media and online multiplayer service tied to its consoles, launched for the original Xbox in Nov. 2002. An updated version launched alongside the Xbox 360 in 2005, and in 2007 was extended to Windows platforms (called Games for Windows - Live). The service is no longer available on the original Xbox, having been shut down in May 2010.

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