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Xbox One uses HDMI output, doesn't support component connections

Xbox One, Microsoft's newly unveiled next-gen console, will feature pass-through HDMI that can connect a cable box, satellite or similar items directly to the system.

The signal is passed through the HDMI port to the user's TV, which will allow users to interact with their TV with the Xbox's interface overlaying. However, as seen in the image above, the console has no connections for component or composite cables, bucking the current-gen trend for TV connectivity. Also seen in the image is an IR output, assumedly for connecting to cable boxes and home entertainment setups.

HDMI capabilities were introduced in 2003. The Xbox 360 was part of the first generation to use HDMI cables, which provide higher quality video and audio. Current systems include both an HDMI and component cable, which less modern TVs are typically outfitted with.

The PlayStation 4 will include HDMI, Analog AV-out and Digital Output (optical) options, according to specs unveiled during Sony's event earlier this year. The Wii U also has both an HDMI and component cable.

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