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Eve Online studio is 'learning' its way into mobile games development, says Lander

Eve Online developer CCP is turning its focus to mobile development with plans to bring an app for the niche MMO to mobile platforms by next year; however, former executive producer Jon Lander told Touch Arcade it is still learning how to become a mobile development studio.

Speaking to Touch Arcade, Lander described his vision of small teams and quick turnaround times for prototypes of new ideas.

"We have an amazing opportunity to work with a persistent, sandbox world. Oh my God, just imagine some of the best mobile games out there ...," he said. The company has yet to announce what mobile concepts they may bring to life.

This follows his recent transition from CCP producer to head of the company's emerging mobile strategy. According to Lander, the company is not "a mobile development house yet. We don't know this stuff." He adds: "But we can learn."

"We've been dabbling in mobile for a long time," Lander explained. "But we've never really focused on it. We've never taken the time to put a clear strategy together about how these things fit in with our universe."

Lander is set to transition into mobile development full-time later this summer.

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