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Skullgirls heading to Japanese arcades with new characters

Indie developer LabZeroGames' 2D fighting title Skullgirls will be released in Japanese arcades according to an image posted online listing the title for arcade launch.

Skullgirls, which was released on the Japanese PlayStation Network in February, will be brought to arcades by network system NesicaxLive, a platform used to run video games on arcade machines. LabZeroGames' CEO Peter Bartholow took to NeoGAF to confirm the game would be hitting Japanese arcades and to express his excitement.

"We are stupidly excited for this, just because I can't think of a single other non-Japanese dev that can say they have a game out in Japanese arcades," he wrote.

Bartholow also confirmed the arcade port is behing handled by a Japanese developer and should include the five new characters funded through the studio's crowdfunding campaign.

"[It] should be out as soon as possible, and [the game] will be receiving the new characters via updates," he wrote. "[We are] still working a lot of this stuff out — we're not doing the port ourselves, but a Japanese dev is."

He added that the listing image is likely a leak, and the Japanese developer working with LabZeroGames will be formally announced at a later date.

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