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BioShock Infinite fan-made alternate ending isn't exactly happily-ever-after

What if BioShock Infinite ended differently — and its characters ended up on a reality show?

Proceed with caution: this video contains some pretty heavy spoilers.

In yet another parallel universe, Booker and Elizabeth are living a not-so-peaceful life in the suburbs, attempting to heal from their ordeal in Columbia. Booker struggles to have normal interactions with his neighbors, deal with rebellious Elizabeth — whose relationship with Songbird has become somewhat different — and struggle to cope with himself. Literally.

Timtimfed's Michael Shanks' reimagining of BioShock Infinite's conclusion takes some of the most dangerous elements of Irrational Games' tale and warps them into something hilarious. Shanks' YouTube channel also features several other video game-themed videos, including a different way to play Dishonored and the short film When Gordon Met Chell.

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