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EA is developing Wii U games, has bigger plans for PS4 and Xbox One, CFO says

Electronic Arts is developing games for the Wii U, but not as many as the company is developing for Sony and Microsoft's consoles, EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said today during the Stifel Nicolaus 2013 Internet, Media and Communications Conference.

Jorgensen's statement seems to contradict a statement last week from EA spokesman Jeff Brown, who said last week that the company has "no games in development for the Wii U currently."

When asked by a conference attendee which console manufacturer would lead the next generation, Jorgensen said that consumers, not publishers, would be the ones to decide.

"You know, I think Nintendo's business was more [an] extension of their last console," Jorgensen said today. "We are building titles for the Nintendo console, but not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox."

"I think what the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out, and a lot of excitement, but it'll remain to be seen as to the services associated with those as to how consumers decide which direction they might want to go."

EA previously announced that neither Madden NFL 25 or FIFA 14 would make their way to Wii U this year, the latter because "commercial results were disappointing" for FIFA 13, which was a launch title for Wii U. Today, Jorgensen also revealed that NBA Live 14 is headed to next-gen consoles.

Update: We accidentally omitted the quote from Jorgensen referenced in the headline in the original draft of this post. It has been added back in.