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Xbox One will play games as they install, includes auto-resume feature

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Microsoft's Xbox One will allow users to play games as they are installing and will feature an "auto-resume" feature for games and apps, according to the official Xbox website.

The website states players can "start playing immediately as games install." Any updates for titles and apps will install "seamlessly" in the background and won't interrupt gameplay.

Users will also be able to switch between apps without losing game progress using the console's auto-resume feature. Games will be suspended when a user moves to another application, for example to check the score of a sports game, and will allow them to jump right back into the game at the same spot when they're ready.

The site also states users can start a game or movie on the Xbox One and then complete it on another device, but does not explain how. Assumedly, this process will lean on the console's enhanced cloud capabilities.

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