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Xbox One will allow users to have 1000 Xbox Live friends, can use Gamertags and real names (update)

Xbox One's friends and Gamertags

Xbox One users will be able to have 1000 Xbox Live friends, according to tweets from the Xbox Support Twitter account.

In response to questions regarding the friends list cap, the account confirmed users will have up to 1000 spots to fill.

"1000 friends is indeed confirmed," read one of the tweets.

Update: Xbox Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten told Polygon that the Xbox One won't have the same friend limit as the Xbox 360, which capped users at 100 friends. "You'll be able to have many, many more friends [on Xbox One] — we won't have those types of limits, and you'll see us pulling friends from across other social experiences," he said. Whitten mentioned the possibility of Xbox One pulling friends from users' Facebook friends lists. He described the console as "a very social experience."

Whitten also said that the Xbox One will allow users to have both their Gamertags and their real names attached to their accounts. "You'll have your Gamertag, which will be semi-anonymous, and you'll be able to use your real name with your friends," he said. "You as a user will be able to say who on your friends list will see you as your real name."

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