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Smart Match and Game DVR pave the way for the future of social gaming on Xbox One

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Smart Match and Game DVR will give console owners a new way of interacting with fellow gamers through social networking sites and Xbox Live using Xbox One, Microsoft announced today.

Using the Smart Match feature, Xbox One offers a new matchmaking system to multiplayer gaming that includes an advanced algorithm to pairs players on the basis of skill, language and reputation. Additionally, Xbox One offers a new alternative to matchmaking lobbies Instead, console owners can play a game, watch TV or listen to music while they wait for a match to be found. Users can also favorite those matches to quickly find particular players to join up with.

On top of Xbox One's new matchmaking features, the player can make use of its Game DVR feature to save impressive moments throughout their games and share them with friends online.

"Why let that once-in-a-lifetime goal go unnoticed?" reads a statement from Microsoft. "With Game DVR, it's easy to capture your greatest game moments."

The new console will keep a rolling record of your recent gameplay, which lets the player share replays through social networks and Xbox Live.

"And if you want to see what your friends have been up to, check out replays of their best moves, too."

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