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Mobile Watch List - Gravity Guy 2, Trucker Parking Simulator, Can Knockdown 3

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Get your fill of things that aren't the Xbox One in this week's Mobile Watch List!

Gravity Guy 2 (iOS, Windows Phone 8)

Everyone's favorite Gravity Guy returns! This time, instead of flipping gravity, you're raising platforms to propel yourself across gaps. Even though it sounds duller than the original, it's actually a good deal more engaging.

Trucker Parking Simulator (iOS)

Have you ever wanted to park a truck? Probably not. It sounds really scary. But there's nothing scary about trying to park a truck in a video game, because the worst that can happen is you end up having to restart a level. And damn if I don't find virtual truck parking really satisfying. Call the Teamsters union!

Can Knockdown 3 (iOS, Android)

Finally a game that lets you take down the efforts of carnies the world over! Best can physics I've ever seen.