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Xbox One will allow media transfers from Xbox 360

Xbox One will allow Xbox 360 users to transfer music, movies and television downloads from the Xbox 360 across to the new console, Microsoft's corporate vice president Phil Harrison confirmed with Polygon today.

When asked to clarify if there will be a future backward compatibility solution to bring Xbox 360 games and saves to the Xbox One, Harrison confirmed that games will not but other forms of media will be transferable.

"Actually, to be clear music, movies, television will," Harrison said. "All that comes across. Anything that you've acquired from Xbox Video or Xbox Music will move across."

Harrison attributed a "long architectural technical reason," which he didn't share, when asked to clarify why Xbox Games on Demand and Xbox Live Arcade Games could not transfer across to the new console.

Polygon reported earlier today that Xbox One will not be backwards compatible with any current Xbox 360 games. Microsoft also revealed that the new console will not support Xbox 360 controllers.

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