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Sony launches No Heroes Allowed-themed puzzle game on PS Vita and Android

A game even less likely to attract Western gamers' attention the day after the big Xbox One reveal: A new puzzle game released by Sony Computer Entertainment themed after the Yusha no kuse ni namaikida franchise, most recently released in the States under the title No Heroes Allowed!

Yu-Nama: The Puzzle, as it's called, is a basic kind of color-match game with a twist. You're tapping blocks on the screen to dig them up and allow space for monster blocks to fall downward. Slide them around to match up colors and create monster hordes to fend off the would-be heroes invading your territory. Beat 'em all, and it's on to the next level. Simple.

The game's available now on PlayStation Mobile across the world, and you can get it for both the PlayStation Vita and Android systems for only 600 yen (approximately $6 USD.)

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