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The Realm studio to return to Kickstarter after first-time failure

The Realm failed to reach its intended Kickstarter funding goal today; however, its creators plan to make a return to the crowdfunding website for a second attempt later in the year.

Despite becoming one of the top funded U.K. Kickstarter titles, the games makers state in their latest update that a lack of payments from the U.S. was a "crucial factor in hurting our campaign." The Realm only hit £94,527 of its £195,000 funding goal, with 3,384 backers.

Developers at Atomhawk Design and Lantern Interactive are now planning to return to Kickstarter later this year with a U.S. account to try and successfully fund their fantasy title. In the meantime, a mailing list has been created to keep in contact with those still interested in supporting the game, while an official Facebook page can be found right here.

Last month, the point-and-click title came to Steam Greenlight where it is now collecting votes.

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