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Remedy will return to Alan Wake 'when the time is right,' says creative director

Alan Wake creator Remedy Games' next title won't be a sequel, but the team hopes to return to the property "when the time is right," creative director Sam Lake said during a video aimed at fans.

"As you might have already seen or heard from the Xbox reveal event, we are working on something new," Lake said in the video, which you can watch above. "Something big. Which of course means that the next big game from Remedy won't be Alan Wake 2."

Lake said that after the release of the first game, the team worked hard to make a sequel happen. But there are several things needed to make the title fall in place, Lake said. The team could have created something "less ambitious," but that wouldn't have done justice to the fans or the game.

"From the creative perspective, it would be awesome if we could just create cool stuff and not worry about minor details like money," Lake said. "... When Alan Wake came out, it was not a huge hit on day one. It's been doing really well since then. It's become a cult classic."

Remedy is releasing a special package for Alan Wake fans that includes all of the game's editions so far, as well as collector's items and never-before-seen materials.

"We knew from the beginning that when Wake ends up in the dark place, getting out from there is going to be a long, hellish journey and a hard struggle," Lake said. "And I guess that where we are now is fiction becoming reality."

Remedy announced Quantum Break yesterday. Little is known about the game so far, though a brief teaser trailer was shown with the announcement. According to Lake, Quantum Break will take every the team has learned from Alan Wake and Max Payne and use it to create "the ultimate Remedy experience."