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Elder Scrolls Online video reveals a new monster, the deadly marsh-dwelling Wamasu

A teaser posted by ZeniMax Online for The Elder Scrolls Online introduces a new monster not yet seen in Elder Scrolls lore.

The bulky, lizard-like wamasu lives in the Black Marsh where it threatens adventurers and passersby. It has some sort of innate electric power as evidenced by its lightning breath and tendency to crackle with electricity, and can knock enemies down with a powerful tail lash.

In a post on the Elder Scrolls Online site, the developers shed some light on the creature's creation. "The wamasu has never appeared in an Elder Scrolls game, and it’s rarely mentioned in existing lore, so we had some freedom to define and flesh out this intimidating foe," reads the post.

The post elaborates on how the wamasu fits in to the world of The Elder Scrolls, and how the team tried to communicate its myths and abilities. "Legend has it that the wamasu are enormous, frightening creatures with 'lightning for blood,' and this mention helped drive the effects for its body and its lethal attacks," reads the post. "Electricity pulses up and down the wamasu’s spine, presenting a clear warning to potential challengers. Effects artists also gave flavor to the wamasu’s attacks. Its roar charges the air with a plasma-like effect, and its savage bite attack also has an electrical element."

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently in closed beta testing, and is expected to release on Windows and Mac later this year.

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