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SimCity update 4.0 introduces new areas, re-enabled features tomorrow

SimCity's 4.0 update, launching tomorrow, will introduce new areas, re-enable features and add additional fixes, according to a post on EA's forums.

Post update, global market prices now "dynamically" change, and region filters and leaderboards are once again active. SimCity will also show the player's current server in the options menu and include more detailed rollover information about Sim happiness.

The update also adds two new areas. Edgewater Bay is a region with seven city sites in a single cluster, and SimCity Launch Park is a special area dedicated to fans that will be available exclusively to "early adopters."

Update 4.0 also includes a few graphical, messaging and weather updates. You can read the full post for more details.

Maxis recently teased new add-on content for SimCity. The Amusement Park Pack will add several rides to the game's building tools.

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