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Family builds a free play basement arcade crawling with classic cabinets

A Missouri family built an arcade in their basement where classic cabinets like Donkey Kong, Punch-Out and Tron are always set to free play, according to a post by redditor mertzlufft.

The Vintage Vault Arcade and Gameroom, as the sign above calls it, is located outside of St. Louis. Mertzlufft's father has a degree in electrical engineering and works as an information systems manager and a children's pastor, and the family hosts gatherings and church game days in the homebrew arcade.

The basement arcade is the result of mertzlufft's father's love for arcade games and his electrical engineering skills.

"My father really likes to fix up old arcades and resell them for more than what he paid for ... but then keeps the ones he really likes," mertzlufft wrote. "If we had to do the math, he probably spent more money on the signs and stools than the games themself [sic]."

You can check out a gallery of images below and find out more about the games and the family behind it at the Vintage Vault Arcade and Gameroom's official website.

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