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Funcom celebrates Age of Conan 5th anniversary by unleashing brutal boss monsters

Beginning May 23, Funcom will celebrate the 5th anniversary of its massively multiplayer role-playing game Age of Conan by unleashing brutal boss monsters across Hyboria and will also introduce membership improvements, according to the game's official website.

One boss monster of increasing brutality will be unleashed each day of the event until five monsters will roam the land. Players of any level can partake in the boss monster battles.

Through the membership improvements users will receive 200 Bonus Points each month, a Blessing of Asura item that doubles experience points, will earn one Alternate Advancement Point per level advancement and other perks.

As part of the celebrations, all players will be given a one-week Access Pass to the land of Khitai, which was introduced in the Rise of Godslayer expansion pack.

Age of Conan: Unchained was released in 2008. It became a free-to-play title last year and went free-play-play on Steam in March. The Secrets of Dragon's Spine update released in January, which featured a new game world, was free only to paying subscribers.

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