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Spellirium beats Kickender campaign, tackles Adequately Animated stretch goal

Untold Entertainment's Spellirium, an adventure game 'for hardcore word nerds,' met its $10, 000 Kickender campaign funding goal.

As Untold Entertainment have been working on Spellirium for five years, and is close to being finished, the studio only required funds to wrap up the game's development. Money from the campaign will be spent on the game's third act, voice-overs, sound, music, balancing difficulty, fixing bugs and general polish.

The independent funding campaign is now into its second stretch goal called Act III, Adequately Animated with 30 days to go. The developers ultimately hope raise $50, 000 in total in order to hire freelancers to help finish the game.

Those who pre-order the game are immediately granted with a playable alpha version, which consists of the first two acts of the game. For information about Spellirium, read our interview with the game's co-developer Ryan Henson Creighton where he discusses Untold's story, and game's setting and inspiration.

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