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Pid creators developing a new game where you play as a mother badger

The developers of Pid and Bionic Commando: Rearmed, are creating a game that places players in the role of a mother badger protecting her cubs in the wilderness.

The third-person adventure game requires players to look for shelter and hunt food — such as foxes — while protecting their litter from dangers, such as birds of prey and brush fires.

"The trailer showcases key game play elements such as the hunt for food that is the most important aspect of life out in the wild for the badger mother and her cubs," Shelter's description reads. "The more they eat, the more they grow and the more active they become."

Shelter is on Steam Greenlight collecting votes and is slated for release on Windows PC and Mac in 2013.

The developers released its last game Pid, a 2.5D platformer, on Xbox live Arcade late last year. For more information about Pid, be sure to read our in-depth preview.

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