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Zynga launches action RPG Battlestone on iOS worldwide, Android 'coming soon'

Battlestone, the first action RPG from Zynga and the next step in its foray into mobile games, is now available worldwide on iOS for free, the publisher announced today.

An Android version is "coming soon" to Google Play, according to Zynga.

Battlestone was developed by November Software, a studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area that Zynga quietly acquired last spring. November previously worked on games such as LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed franchise, which is why Zynga put the studio to work on the "mid-core" title Battlestone. Zynga launched the game in select markets, including India, earlier this year.

The action RPG offers simple touch-based controls like swiping for attacks and selecting multiple targets for combos. That applies both to Battlestone's traditional single-player mode, in which you unlock new heroes as you continue your fight against the evil force known as The Void. Each new character boasts unique abilities and is suited to particular enemies and environments. Battlestone also offers guilds and weekly tournaments for head-to-head PvP battles.

You can check out four Battlestone screenshots above, and the launch trailer below.

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